Veterinary Professional Support for New York City’s Intro 1476 to Prohibit the Sale of Fur


On behalf of our 9000 members nationwide, the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association, a national association of veterinary professionals focused on animal health and welfare, joins the following veterinarians in supporting passage of Intro 1476. This legislation would prohibit the sale of fur within New York City.

The production of fur relies upon inhumane methods of trapping and husbandry, which drastically compromise the health and welfare of the animals used. Millions of rabbits, mink, foxes and other wild animals are confined lifelong in cramped cages on factory fur farms, deprived of their abilities to engage in natural behaviors. These animals are typically killed via medically and ethically objectionable methods, such as gassing or electrocution.

Additionally, animals may be trapped in the wild for their pelts. Animals caught in crippling leghold or noose-style traps undergo immense physical compromise and suffering, which can include asphyxiation, hemorrhage, ulcerative wounds, psychological distress and self-trauma. These animals are often forced to spend days lingering without food or water. In addition, it remains a public health and environmental concern that these archaic traps may injure and kill unintended targets, including threatened species, pets or even children.

Consumer choices have for many years been trending away from fur products. We hope the New York City Council will take a firm lead on this issue. We strongly support Intro 1476 to ban the sale of fur in New York.

Eileen Jefferson, DVM

New York State Representative, Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association (HSVMA)

Joined by the following New York veterinary professionals:

Dr. Jake Jaffe

Dr. Rhonda Windham

Dr. Michelle Werner

Dr. Yvonne Szacki

Dr. Sara Witherell

Dr. Morika Ogawa

Dr. Jill Elliot, DVM

Terry Li, MBA, Hospital Group Administrator

Kathy Nizzari, PetTech

Dr. Cindy Bressler

Richard Fried, VMD

Nuala McDermott, DVM

Alexandra Jaramillo, LVT

Jeanine Lunz, LVT

Katja Lang, DVM

Kian Madden, DVM

Tara Scales, DVM

Dr. Pratikshya Patil

Dr. Andy Kaplan

Dr. Justin Lamb

Dr. Marcela Salas

Dr. Laurel Frydenborg

Dr. Robin Brennen

Dr. Meredith Wilson

Dr. Geraldine Kilkelly

Patrice A. Whittington, DVM, MPH

Marc Siebert, VMD

Carolyn Quagliata, DVM

Allyson Berent, DVM, DACVIM

Daniel Tufaro, DVM

Valentina Anurova, DVM, PC

Vladlen Anurov, DVM, PC

Jennifer Chu, DVM

Catriona Love, DVM

Karen Cherrone, DVM, DACVS