“You can be outrageous and fun without fur!
Come and party with us, you’ll see!”
— John Galliano in Elle France, March 30, 2018

“Do you think using furs today is still modern? I don't think it's still modern and that's the reason why we decided not to do that...It's a little bit outdated. Creativity can jump in many different directions instead of using furs."

- Gucci chief executive and president Marco Bizzarri (source)


“Sustainability is a core component of our curriculum. We are teaching the future leaders of the fashion industry that they can have a positive impact on the environment by not using animal products, and still create beautiful designs.”

- Burak Cakmak, Dean of Fashion at Parsons (source)


“Technological progress made over the years allows us to have valid alternatives at our disposition that render the use of cruel practices unnecessary as regards animals.”

- Giorgio Armani (source)


"Going vegan starts to make you question that. I have starting using much more fake fur."

- Tom Ford (source)


“The decision to progressively ban the use of animal fur from the collections is a project that confirms the brand’s growing interest in the environment with special attention to animals, a sensitive theme for Furla. Moreover, this decision responds to an increasing demand of ethical products from a consumer, who is increasingly aware and attentive to these issues.”

-Alberto Camerlengo, CEO of the Furla Group (source)


“Starting with Riccardo Tisci’s debut collection this September 17, Burberry is banning rabbit, fox, mink, and Asiatic raccoon fur, as well as angora.”

- Vogue.com (source)


"At Chanel, we are continually reviewing our supply chains to ensure they meet our expectations of integrity and traceability. In this context, it is our experience that it is becoming increasingly difficult to source exotic skins which match our ethical standards… [It’s] an opportunity to create a new generation of high-end products."

- Chanel Spokeswoman. (source)


“We are committed to supporting the shift to a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry by providing the consumer with innovative and sophisticated alternatives. Beginning with 2019, DVF will not incorporate the use of exotic skins, mohair, angora or fur.”

- DVF chief executive officer Sandra Campos (source)


"Balance is key—recognizing that we will always have a footprint but offsetting it with small gestures that eventually amount to a grand shift. The decision to ban fur—from an ethical and environmental perspective—speaks to our commitment to remain true to this ethos and listen to our customers: environmentally conscious, global citizens who shop with their values top of mind."

- Phillip Lim (source)


"We are extremely concerned by animal suffering and … we've made the decision to stop the use of all fur in any future collections"

- Nicolas Dreyfus, The Kooples Executive Director (source)


"Going fur-free... aligns with our company ethos and is something we wholeheartedly believe in. Yes, we are alienating ourselves from a few brands who use fur exclusively, But in the same breath it goes against our company morals and ethics, and in championing this vision, sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.”

- Tara Davies and Esther Kinnear-Derungs, founders of Linden Staub Model Agency (source)

“Our fur free commitment announced today was inspired by a thorough and rigorous educational process… regarding the protection of animal rights. With a range of initiatives, partnerships and innovations, our goal is to act as an industry-wide catalyst for change.”

- Matteo James Moroni, head of sustainability for Yoox Net-a-Porter (source)


“Burlington Stores will not knowingly procure or sell items containing real animal fur beginning in the Fall of 2017.”

- Burlington’s official policy statement (Source)


“Due to technological advances in fabrications, we now have the ability to create a luxe aesthetic using non-animal fur.”

- Michael Kors (source)


“Fur? I’m out of that. I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesn’t feel right.”

- Donatella Versace, Vogue March, 2018


Donna Karan brands will be going fur free by fall of 2019, citing a “longstanding relationship with the Humane society of the United States.”

- Morris Goldfarb, G-III Chairman & CEO (source)


“We understood from our employee population and from our consumers that it was important to them that we take a stand on this [fur] issue. We’re doing it because we believe it’s the right thing to do.”

- Coach chief executive Joshua Schulman. (source)


Gautlier announced his decision on live on French television where he claimed that the way animals are killed for their fur was “absolutely deplorable”.