Coalition Statement Of Support For Intro 1476, A Bill To Ban The Sale Of Fur Apparel In New York City

We, the undersigned group of not-for-profit charities, with significant membership in New York City, respectfully urge support for Intro 1476, introduced by Speaker Corey Johnson. This legislation would prohibit the sale of fur apparel in New York City.

Worldwide, over 100 million animals are abused and killed for their fur every year. Whether raised on fur-farms or trapped from the wild, fur-bearing animals including foxes, coyotes, wolves, bobcats, beavers, otters, dogs, cats, and raccoon dogs, have unimaginable cruelty inflicted upon them by the fur industry.

As consumers become more aware of how animals are violently abused and killed for their fur, they are seeking to buy clothing, shoes, and accessories that are as ethically produced as they are functional and stylish. That is why designers, fashion houses, and cities around the world are joining together in banning the sale of fur and shutting down fur farms. In the past 18 months, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Coach, Burberry, Gucci, Michael Kors, and more, have all banned fur. And the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco have recently banned the sale and/or manufacturing of fur.

Speaker Corey Johnson has introduced a common-sense bill that would end the unnecessary suffering of animals abused by the fur industry. We applaud the City’s commitment in recent years to protecting sharks from the shark fin industry, puppies from puppy mills, and wild animals from circuses. We strongly support New York City joining the dozens of designers, fashion houses, and cities in prohibiting the sale of fur apparel.


Voters For Animal Rights

Black VegFest

United Federation of Teachers Humane Education Committee

Grassroots Artists Movement (G.A.ME)


Animal Connection

The Humane Society of the United States

Vegans of New York


Afro Vegan Society

Project Coyote

In Defense of Animals

Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

Animal Defenders of Westchester


Caring Activists Against Fur

Four Paws International

Animal Cruelty Exposure Fund

International Anti-Fur Coalition

Total Liberation New York

Lady Free Thinker

Anti Fur Society

The Animals' Battalion

Animal Cruelty Exposure Fund

Reaching Out For Animal Rights

Citizens Committee For Animal Rights

Four Paws International

The Land and Sea Institute

Save Haven Sanctuary

Tamerlaine Sanctuary

Global Strays

All About Rabbits Rescue

Farm Forward

Vegan Lady Boss

Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association

Fashion Revolution

Jewish Veg

NYC Hip Hop Is Green

Shamayim: Jewish Animal Advocacy

Jewish Initiative for Animals

Friends of Animals

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Born Free USA

Their Turn

Direct Action Everywhere

Chilis on Wheels

NYC Vegan Vegetarian Meetup

Mayor’s Alliance For NYC’s Animals

The Save Movement

Barn Sanctuary

Collectively Free

V For Veganism

World Animal Protection

Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Animal Legal Defense Fund

Fur Free Society

Last Chance For Animals

Responsible Eating and Living

The Humane Society of New York

Animal Hope In Legislation

Animal Welfare Institute

Animal Defenders International

Animal Haven

Animal Protection and Rescue League

Keep Me Warm Doghouses, Inc

Fur Free Minneapolis

Benevolent And Enlightened Beauty

The Buddy Fund