Make a quick call to your council member

It’s critical that your elected officials hear from their constituents. Please call your council member today and ask them to co-sponsor Intro 1476, a bill to prohibit the sale of fur apparel in New York City.

Instructions for calling your council member:

  1. Find your council member by searching the map below with your address

  2. Click on your council member’s name to go to their city council page to find their office phone number

  3. Before calling, check to see if your council member is a co-sponsor.

  4. If they are a co-sponsor, please call their office and say “Hi, my name is (name) and I’m calling to thank (your council member’s name) for co-sponsoring Intro 1476. I care deeply for animals and glad the council member supports this important bill.”

  5. Not a co-sponsor yet? Not a problem. Please call their office and politely say, “Hi, my name is (name), and I’m a constituent of (your council member’s name). I’m calling today to ask (your council member’s name) please co-sponsor Intro 1476. Animal cruelty has no place in my city and strongly support a fur-free NYC.”